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The Nevada Field Office provides free general interest tours of the Nevada National Security Site on a monthly basis. Groups, civic or technical organizations, and private clubs may request specially-arranged tours (minimum of 25 people) by calling 702-295-0944. Below you will find information on tour logistics, points of interest on the tour, prohibited items, tour schedule and how to register.

Tour Logistics

Reservations are required for all tours. Space is limited and seats fill quickly. Please indicate on your paperwork with a first and second date of choice.

Most tours depart from the Atomic Testing Museum at 755 E. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, Nevada. Tours depart at approximately 7:30 a.m. and return at 4:00 p.m. Please make arrangements to arrive early enough for adequate parking.

The mode of transportation provided is usually a chartered bus equipped with a restroom.

The Nevada National Security Site is located 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada. Each tour usually covers about 250 miles. Tour participants should bring their own food and drinks, but no alcoholic beverages. There are no lunch stops.

Casual clothing is recommended, and sturdy shoes are required for the rugged terrain. No shorts or sandals are permitted.

Visitors to the Nevada National Security Site must be at least 14 years old. Pregnant women are discouraged from participating in Nevada National Security Site tours because of the long bus ride and uneven terrain.

Points of Interest on the Tour

Prohibited Items

  • Visitors are not permitted to bring cameras, binoculars, telescopes, or tape recorders on the tour.
  • Cell phones are not permitted.
  • Privately-owned Laptop Computer.
  • Firearms are not permitted under any circumstances.
  • Visitors may not remove soil, rock, plant samples or metal objects from the Nevada National Security Site.
  • Comprehensive List of Prohibited Items

2016 Public Tour Schedule

  • Tuesday - January 26 - FULL
  • Tuesday - February 23 - FULL
  • Tuesday - March 29 - FULL
  • Tuesday - April 19 - FULL
  • Tuesday - May 24 - FULL
  • Tuesday - June 21 - FULL
  • Tuesday - July 19 - FULL
  • Tuesday - August 23 - FULL
  • Tuesday - September 20 - FULL
  • Tuesday - October 25 - FULL
  • Tuesday - November 22 - FULL
  • Tuesday - December 06 - FULL

2017 Public Tour Schedule

  • Tuesday - January 24 - FULL
  • Tuesday - February 28 - FULL
  • Tuesday - March 21 - FULL
  • Tuesday - April 25 - FULL
  • Tuesday - May 16 - FULL
  • Tuesday - June 20 - FULL
  • Tuesday - July 25
  • Tuesday - August 22
  • Tuesday - September 19
  • Tuesday - October 31
  • Tuesday - November 28
  • Tuesday - December 12


There is a possibility that the visit may have to be postponed for operational reasons. If that happens, you will be notified immediately.

If you would like to be added to the wait list, please complete the badging form and indicate which tour you wish to be added to the wait list.

How to Register

Complete the attached badging form and submit to:

Fax: 702-295-0154


U.S. Department of Energy
National Nuclear Security Administration
Nevada Field Office
Office of Public Affairs
Visit Coordination Staff
P.O. Box 98518
Las Vegas, NV 89193-8518

Participants will receive a confirmation package 7-10 days prior to the visit. The package will include the confirmation notice, itinerary, Prohibited Articles List, and a map (directions to the Atomic Testing Museum departure location.)

For further information contact:

Phone: 702-295-0944 or email: Brenda.Carter@nnsa.doe.gov

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Date Last Modified: August 17, 2016